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The Ruach HaKodesh: What can we know of “It”? Class 4

Beth Elohim Messianic Synagogue The Ruach HaKodesh: What can we know of “it?” Class 4 This is the final class in this series, and I believe the most stimulating as we combine some of the concepts of science related to resonance and the human circulatory system and how our ability to modify that resonance can… Read more »

Workers of Iniquity : carnality and antinomianism defined

What is the scriptural definition of this word, “INIQUITY”? Have you ever wondered what Yahshua meant when He used it? Stick with me and I will give you the biblical definition and then fasten your seatbelts. But first ask your selves why is it that people listen to men, instead of the King who holds… Read more »

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  • Saturday (Shacharit) Service 10:00 AM: Includes Parashah reading (Old Testament) and B'rit Chadashah (Renewed, refreshed Covenant) teachings.