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Amalek Today I want to investigate some of the end-time players in prophecy, specifically Amalek. The question is can we follow the Amalekites down through the ages even to the present day? It seems we can from two different perspectives: 1. One is genetic for Amalek’s genealogy extends down to the present day 2. The… Read more »

Weak Believers – Strong Trust

Romans Chapter 14 Christians often challenge Messianic Jews as being “weak believers” because they keep G-d’s Festivals, dietary laws and His Shabbat. The specifics of the passages usually quoted are clearly in a Gentile cultural and religious context, NOT a Jewish one. Christians bring a presupposition “to the table” that the “New Testament” abrogates the… Read more »

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  • Saturday (Shacharit) Service 10:00 AM: Includes Parashah reading (Old Testament) and B'rit Chadashah (Renewed, refreshed Covenant) teachings.