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Hypostasis and our Relationship to G-d

Healing Hypostasis and our Relationship to G-d I want to talk about the problem of poor circulation as it relates to our relationship with G-d. How many of you have been told that you have poor circulation in your legs? What are the symptoms? Let me first say before I get started that poor circulation… Read more »

The Wrong Way to Witness

* “Messianity” is a term first used by my wife describing Christian churches whose clergy and members describe themselves as Messianic without following G-d’s Torah. These churches provide their own bread (doctrine) that is not consistent with G-d’s Laws/instructions. These types of people are described in Isaiah 4:1. A typical Christian approach today to gain… Read more »

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  • Saturday (Shacharit) Service 10:00 AM: Includes Parashah reading (Old Testament) and B'rit Chadashah (Renewed, refreshed Covenant) teachings.