Parashah #49: Ki Tetze (When you go out) D’varim (Deuteronomy) 21:10-25:19

Beth Elohim Messianic Synagogue Parashah # 49 Ki Tetze (When you go out) D’varim (Deuteronomy) 21:10-25:19 Haftarah: Yesha’yahu (Isaiah) 52:13-54:1-10 B’rit Chadashah: Mark 12:18-27 This parashah begins and ends with a discussion of going out to war. Between these narratives are 74 mitzvot that address various laws of the covenant. These commands address private issues… Read more »

Parashah #48 Shof’tim (Judges) D’varim (Deuteronomy) 16:18-21:9

Beth Elohim Messianic Synagogue Parashah#48: Shof’tim (Judges) D’varim (Deuteronomy) 16:18-21:9 Haftarah: Yesha’yahu (Isaiah) 54:1-10 B’rit Chadashah: Matthew 3:1-17 In this parashah, Moshe describes the practical applications for life in Canaan. The Israelites will now settle throughout the land instead of being camped around the Tabernacle and their worship will be modified. Instead of being fed… Read more »

Parashah #47:Re’eh (See) D’varim (Deuteronomy) 11:26-16:17

Beth Elohim Messianic Synagogue Parashah #47: Deuteronomy (D’varim) Re’eh (See) 11:26-16:17 Haftarah: Yesha’yahu (Isaiah) 44:11-45:5 B’rit Chadashah: 1 Corinthians 5:9-13 The first word of this parashah translates as “take heed,” packing greater emphasis than “see” as we think of the word in English. It is also more appropriate to the context of the sentence, for… Read more »

Parashah#46 ‘Ekev (Because) D’varim (Deuteronomy) 7:12-11:25

Beth Elohim Messianic Synagogue Parashah #46 ‘Ekev (Because) D’varim (Deuteronomy) 7:12-11:25 Haftarah: Yesha’yahu (Isaiah) 49:14-51:3 B’rit Chadashah: James 5:7-11 The entire first paragraph of this parashah is a summary of the blessings that G-d will bestow on those who follow his rulings. Obedience out of love transforms our world in some way. G-d promises explosive… Read more »

Parashah #45: Va’etchanan (I pleaded) D’varim (Deuteronomy) 3:23-7:11

Beth Elohim Messianic Synagogue Parashah #45: Va’etchanan (I pleaded) D’varim (Deuteronomy) 3:23-7:11 Haftarah: Yesha’yahu (Isaiah) 40:1-26 B’rit Chadashah: Mark 12:28-34 This is one of the most important chapters of the book of Deuteronomy. This is because this parashah contains the verses in Chapter 6:4-11 which Jewish believers teach their children to say first thing every… Read more »

Parashah #44: D’varim (Words) Deuteronomy 1:1-3:22

Beth Elohim Messianic Synagogue Parashah #44: D’varim (Words) Deuteronomy 1:1-3:22 Haftarah: Yesha’yahu (Isaiah) 1:1-27 B’rit Chadashah: Hebrews 3:7-4:11 The book of Deuteronomy may be the most significant book in the Old Testament from the perspective of G-d’s revelation to man. It is one of the books most frequently cited and referred to in the B’rit… Read more »

Parashah #42 Mattot (Tribes) B’midbar (Numbers) 30:2-32:42

Beth Elohim Messianic Synagogue Parashah #42 Mattot (Masa’ei is read separately in leap years) Haftarah: Yirmeyahu (Jeremiah) 1:1-2:3 B’rit Chadashah: Mattityahu (Matthew) 5:33-37 This week we learn or are reminded that oaths, vows, and obligations invoke the name of the L-rd. The entire literary style of chapter 30 grants permission to release women in different… Read more »

Parashah #41 Pinchas (Phinehas) B’midbar (Numbers) 25:10-30:1

Beth Elohim Messianic Synagogue Parashah # 41: Pinchas (Phinehas) B’midbar (Numbers) 25:10-30:1 Haftarah: M’lakhim Alef (1 Kings) 18:46-19:21 B’rit Chadashah: 1 Corinthians 5:6-8 This parashah continues the narrative from the last one with the account of Pinchas (dark skinned) who is very zealous for the L-rd and runs out of the assembly to kill an… Read more »

Parahshah #39 Hukkat (Regulation) B’midbar (Numbers) 19:1-22:1

Beth Elohim Messianic Synagogue Parashah #39 Hukkat (Regulation) B’midbar (Numbers) 19:1-22:1 Haftarah: Shof’tim (Judges) 11:1-33 B’rit Chadashah: Yochanan (John) 3:9-21;4:3-30; 12:27-50 Two of the main subjects generally taught in this parashah are the explanation of the Para Adumah (red heifer) and the concept of placing a bronze serpent on a pole and looking upon it… Read more »

Parashah #38: Korach B’midbar (Numbers) 16:1-18:32

Beth Elohim Messianic Synagogue Parashah #38: Korach (Korah) B’midbar (Numbers) 16:1-18:32 Haftarah: Sh’mu’el (Samuel) 11:14-12:22 B’rit Chadashah: 2 Timothy 2:8-21 This parashah addresses the nature of rebellion and how outward appearances can be deceiving. Yahshua addressed the need for discernment regarding such people and situations thusly; “Behold, I send you out as sheep I the… Read more »