The Concept of Freedom: Freedom From/Freedom For

The Concept of Freedom: Freedom From/Freedom For In light of current events, I want to talk to you about “Freedom.” We in the US like to boast about our freedoms, yet I say democracies are both a blessing or a curse: as Torah is a blessing or a curse. Largely everything depends upon how we… Read more »

Hypostasis and our Relationship to G-d

Healing Hypostasis and our Relationship to G-d I want to talk about the problem of poor circulation as it relates to our relationship with G-d. How many of you have been told that you have poor circulation in your legs? What are the symptoms? Let me first say before I get started that poor circulation… Read more »

The Diseases of Egypt Revisited (2020)

Beth Elohim Messianic Synagogue The Diseases of Egypt Revisited Today I want to address an area of study and information- sharing that proves the old adage “what goes around comes around.” This saying is no less true than when we address the diseases of Egypt and their relationship to sin. The metaphor of Egypt to… Read more »

The Origins of Christmas and Yahshua’s Real Birthday

The origins of Christmas and Yahshua’s real Birthday I remember when I was a child during the holiday season of Christmas. My family was not observant of G-d’s laws because they were unaware that we are Jewish. We are indeed part of the lost 10 Tribes that have since been “found.” This is becoming more… Read more »

Commentary on Revelation Chapter 17

    Commentary on Revelation 17 I was recently asked to explain Revelation 17:16. I think it important to share my answer with everyone as we continue in these end times. Let’s back up a little so we can understand this passage of which you are inquiring. In Chapter 16:19 we read that not only… Read more »

Was Yahshua Crucified on Friday, or was it Wednesday?

Was Yahshua Crucified on Friday, or was it Wednesday? Traditionally, Good Friday is supposed to be the day on which Yahshua was crucified. Yet, Yahshua said he would be in the heart, or the belly of the earth three days and three nights. There is no possible way, by any stretch of the imagination, that… Read more »

Another perspective on the date of Yahshua’s Crucifixion

Another perspective on the date of Yahshua’s Crucifixion This is an alternate perspective on the timing of Yahshua’s crucifixion. I encourage you to compare to the other article I posted on the website and decide for yourselves which interpretation is correct. Shalom, Rabbi Tamah Davis. If the time of Yahshua’s death is the correct time… Read more »

Example of Celebrating Erev Shabbat in the home

Beth Elohim Messianic Synagogue Erev Shabbat Service in the Home (one example) Candle lighting times are available on most Jewish calendars. Where there is a family; a man, woman, and children, there are various roles that I will identify. In homes where there is only one person, individuals may recite all of the liturgy. The… Read more »

A Brief Examination of the Rapture

Beth Elohim Messianic Synagogue Rapture and Gematria Although the Rosh Rebbe and I taught this lesson in the past, I want to provide information on the subject again because of recent questions on the subject and the lack of believers’ ability to respond accurately in a timely manner to such inquires. We must take individual… Read more »