Workers of Iniquity

What is the scriptural definition of this word, “INIQUITY”??? Have you ever wondered what Yahshua meant when He used it??? Stick with me and I will give you the biblical definition and then fasten your seatbelts.

But first ask your selves why is it that people listen to men, instead of the King who holds our position for eternity in His hands??? The hour is late fellow spiritual travelers and with every passing day it becomes later, and the later it gets, the less I am going to mince words.

Let me remind you To Be Carnally Minded IS DEATH and Few have the understanding of what is true carnality. We have ideas, presuppositions of what it means, but we are in fact, way off in our assumptions. I will offer you some clarity with this message.

How often have I had to remind my congregation that just because something looks spiritual, feels spiritual, does NOT mean it IS spiritual. Many today are getting the deep recesses of their body and soul moved, and think it is the moving of the Spirit. When the moving of our senses is mistaken for the moving of the Spirit, IT IS CARNALITY, and carnality at its worst. It is the enemies counterfeit of that which YHVH does. Sha’ul says that it is nothing more than sensuality, which only serves to the pleasing or gratifying of the flesh.

Make no mistake we are living in the Kingdom of Darkness that pervades the entire earth, and is ruled by the Prince of Darkness, Satan. He, it is, that is deceiving the WHOLE EARTH, and is bringing forth his deceptions through men who are stupid enough to lend themselves to his use. The self-righteous, self-justifying carnal mind, love the lies, and love to have it so.

This will be so, even as the Holy Prophets prophesied, until YHVH begins to manifest His Kingdom in “Dwelling Places of Zion” around the world. Since we do not know when this will begin, we must all continue doing what we must do to survive until that day. We may like what we are doing, or even greatly despise it, but we must continue while pressing toward the mark of His High Calling that is upon those who are called to establish His Kingdom on this earth. These are the ones for which I teach.

We cannot change the plan, or Word of YHVH. It will be what YHVH said it will be. Babylon will not be healed!!! Nor will the world order at large be changed from what it is. It is NOT scheduled to be healed, BUT DESTROYED!!! This natural, carnal realm, is NOT going to be changed, but is to wax worse and worse. Anyone who has lived more than fifty years can easily see this to be so, even if they did not know the Word of YHVH.

There is only ONE thing available to us at this time, and that is being prepared for the “coming out”. We can become aware of Satan’s wiles, his deceptions. We CAN develop in Yahshua, and Yahshua in us, but how few understand that He is our “new man”, and we His “Promised Land”. He wants to take us over, Spirit, Soul, and Body. He is NOT just our “Fire Insurance” so that we can live our lives any way we want to. His Word, His Promises, are NOT given for our OWN purpose, our own exaltation on this earth. They are NOT for just any purpose that our own mind in its fallen knowledge can devise, no matter how “good” that purpose might appear to us in our OWN knowledge of Good and Evil. They are given FOR HIS PURPOSE on this earth, and in that, it ALWAYS requires the walk, and works of the execution steak through the tomb unto the resurrected fulfillment.

We MUST learn what is carnal, and what is spiritual, and that comes by walking into the Light to see where we are in error. If our ego is too strong, we will NEVER walk into such Light. By not walking into such Light, we CONDEMN OURSELVES!!!

Those that are awakening to what is really going on in the earth, and what YHVH’s plan really is, are being prepared for WAR!!! A violent war that will rid the earth of HaSatan, His Kingdom of Darkness, and ALL of the carnal minded who loved it.

We are ALL Suffering Deception and I have sought over the years to try and get through the deceptions we are suffering. We are living in the realm of lies, and illusions, and there is no way to live in this realm created from the Tree of Death, and not be affected by it. The sincere will find where they are being deceived. The insincere will NEVER come into such knowledge, for their puffed up ego will not allow them to do so. If you are not looking for where you are being deceived, YOU ARE ASLEEP!!! The Torah calls it the “walking dead.” Yet, it is not so awful to be deceived as it is to never discover and admit such deception, and then turn from it.

Unfortunately, one of the main areas of deception is that which is coming from the pulpits. I have taught this many years and I know that people are tired of it, but I will continue until all that are chosen by YHVH within my voice finally wake up and see why this thing is such a burden to me. I cannot say this strong enough for our very position for ETERNITY is at stake!!! If we succumb to these deceivers, WE HAVE HAD IT!!! We are NOT on a Pleasure Cruise, but in a WAR ZONE. A war over where we shall reside for eternity!!! These deceivers have been sent by HaSatan to delude us into eternal damnation. Are you hearing me??? The walk with Yahshua is not some easy road with no pitfalls. You can think that you are saved, and still be headed for the LAKE OF FIRE!!!

I give you a case in point, from the lips of Yahshua Himself. When will people stop listening to men, and start listening to the Supreme Judge???

This key discourse is found in Mat 7:21-23. I know, I have spoken of this scripture a thousand times. Why have I done so??? Because still to this day, people are NOT HEARING Yahshua, nor His clear warning to us ALL!!! I plead with you to listen to the Messiah Yahshua. You might just get a very rude awakening.

Jezebel’s seduction is STRONG, and you will have to fight all of hell to see through it, let alone come out of it. I say with no uncertainty, those who do not come out are going to the Lake of Fire regardless of how spiritual they look, or think they are.

Now, let me Quote Yahshua HIMSELF!

“NOT EVERYONE that saith unto me Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven!!! But he that DOETH THE WILL of my father which is in heaven.

“MANY will say unto me in that day (of judgment) Lord, Lord, have we not PREACHED IN YOUR NAME, and in THY NAME have cast out devils, and in THY NAME done MANY WONDERFUL WORKS???

“And then will I profess unto them, I NEVER KNEW YOU, depart from me ye that WORK INIQUITY!!!”

Now let us see what this word “INIQUITY” means??? How does it define??? Is it important to know??? You keep your definition to yourself and then we’ll explore the Scriptural Definition of the Word “INIQUITY” and like I said then fasten you seat belts

If you are not you should be using a “Strong’s Concordance” in your studies especially if you are a sincere seeker of Truth, and only the sincere seekers of Truth are going to escape the horror ahead. Let me give you the Greek word that was translated “iniquity”, and how it defines. Listen up, this is the King Yahshua speaking, not me. Unfortunately, “Iniquity” is NOT what we want it to mean, but IS what Yahshua meant. He used the word “anomia” which is strong’s number #458. This word comes from #459, which is “anomos”. I’ll give you the definition of “anomia” first. Anomia means: Violation of the Law, wickedness, iniquity, transgression of the Law, unrighteousness. anomos: Lawless, without Law, transgressor, unlawful.

Now, with that definition in mind, go back and read the preceding quote of Yahshua once again. Are you listening, are you hearing Him, and hearing Him correctly??? Or, are you listening to men instead??? This is a serious question.. We are not playing a game on this earth. There is a war going on over our souls!

If you are hearing Him there can be NO DOUBT as to what Yahshua meant with His use of “anomia”. These people are BEING REJECTED by Yahshua because of their iniquity, their SIN, their ANOMIA, and that, with no possible evasion before YHVH, IS their being blatant TRANSGRESSORS of YHVH’S HOLY LAW!!! They did NOT the Will of YHVH, for they made the Law of YHVH of NO effect, and by that voiding, transgressed it in total disregard of its authority.

Now listen, I am NOT the one who made this compulsory declaration. It is YAHSHUA HIMSELF who said it. Are you hearing HIM, or are you listening to the ones He is rejecting??? What did He say??? DEPART FROM ME ye that work, commit, “ANOMIA”!!! If You listen to, sit under, or give loyalty to ANYONE that believes, who preaches, that Yahshua did away with the Law then you are not only being made one with a carnally minded deceiver who teaches through a carnal mind, pleasing, seducing spirit, but you will end up in the SAME SHOCKING REJECTION!!!

You can reject what man says, but you sure had better not reject what Yahshua says. Reject Him, the Living Truth, and YOU WILL BE REJECTED!!!

Now ask yourselves who are these people being rejected by Yahshua? Those who appeared to be preachers, ministers of YHVH. As Sha’ul stated, they are messengers of haSatan, disguised as ministers of YHVH, whose end shall be according to their works.

Did you apprehend that Yahshua also used the word “MANY”!

This Greek word that was translated “many” is “polus” strong’s number #4183. Look it up for yourself. It defines as “plenteous, largely, MOSTLY”. Does that not mean the MAJORITY. Take a look around. Is not the MAJORITY preaching that Yahshua did away with the Law of YHVH??? Then has not the very thing that Yahshua prophesied come to pass??? The majority have twisted what Sha’ul was teaching into their own liking, and in the process, have condemned themselves to their own rejection. I remind you that Sha’ul said . . . “Do we then make void the Law through faith? God forbid, for yea, we ESTABLISH (uphold, set up permanently) the Law”.

He also taught that it is the CARNAL MIND that hates the Law of YHVH, and will NOT come into its subjection. That it is the spiritual man that will fulfill the righteousness of the Law, even as Yahshua, who is our new “Spirit Man”!!!

Consider with me the Priest’s of Baal

Just what is a Priest of Baal? Through great craft and seduction, they teach the people to worship Baal instead of Yahshua. They are themselves deceived, and therefore deceive others, and in the deceiving, place the name of “Jesus” on that which they teach. These ARE workers of iniquity.

Priests of Baal teach for the “LAWLESS ONE”, under the guise that the “Jesus” they preach is Yahshua, the “LAWFUL ONE”. Malachi tells us that it will take discernment in this day to tell who is of YHVH, and who is not. Who is working righteousness, and who is working iniquity. If it takes discernment, then you can know that it will not be readily apparent to just any on-looker. Those without that discernment are being sent the “Strong Delusion”, and believe me the Priests of Baal, and their counterfeit “Christianity” are a STRONG DELUSION! It is time to come out of her folks, and all of her worshipping of Baal, Pagan Celebrations, and do so like now. These “workers of iniquity”, the blatant violators of YHVH’s Holy Law, are NOT saved, are NOT under grace, nor under the blood. What they are under IS JUDGMENT!!! Those that so follow them will receive the same judgments that they do.

Let me reiterate, The Carnal HATE the LAW for ANYONE who hates the Law of YHVH will find a way to do away with it, and that person, no matter how good they look, or sound, is not only walking after the carnal mind, but is in TOTAL CARNALITY!!! The True Yahshua is LAWFUL with NO transgression found in Him. The COUNTERFEIT Yahshua is unlawful, LAWLESS, and largely what we call “Christianity” today, fully exposes itself as COUNTERFEIT, and of a COUNTERFEIT lawless Yahshua!!! They preach, and teach, in DIRECT CONTRADICTION to what not only Yahshua taught but what Yahshua was. He was the WORD (Torah) MADE FLESH, The Manifested torah of YHVH and therefore the INCARNATED LAW of YHVH in operation!!!

What did the Prophets PROPHESY concerning this subject?

Those that wrote of this day had much to say about those that would do away with the Law of YHVH. They made statements such as . . . His anger is against His people because they have cast away His Law . . That it is the rebellious (and it is the carnal mind that is rebellious to the Truth) who will NOT hear the Law. That the priests would be treacherous men who would pollute the sanctuary through the VIOLENCE they have done to the Holy Law of Almighty YHVH.

The Prophet Isaiah wrote MUCH concerning the day we are in, “the last days”, “time of the end”, “the time to come’, etc.. In chapter 30, verse one says . . .

“Woe to the REBELLIOUS (carnal) children, saith YHVH, that take counsel, but NOT OF ME, and that cover with a covering (The “fig leaf cover up”) but NOT of MY Spirit, that they may add sin (Transgressions of the Law) to sin” (Transgressions of the Law).

Then YHVH continues with this severe rebuke and tells Isaiah in verses 8-10 . . .

“Now go write it before them in a tablet, and note it in a book, that it may be for the TIME TO COME for ever and ever. (Please notice that this is not a temporary condition, but a “forever and ever”! YHVH does not change.) This IS a REBELLIOUS people, LYING children, children that WILL NOT HEAR THE LAW OF YHVH!!!”

I ask, who did Sha’ul say was against the Law of YHVH??? Who will not hear, or be in subjection to it??? THE CARNALLY MINDED!!!

These people, whom Yahshua is rejecting, are SHOCKED at their judgment. WHY??? Because they CALLED HIM LORD (the one with supreme authority), preached IN HIS NAME, cast out devils IN HIS NAME, and did mighty works IN HIS NAME (filling the whole earth with their “gospel of a lawless counterfeit Savior)”!!!

Are you getting it??? Do you see the seriousness??? They were so deceived they thought they were doing good, doing the work of YHVH on this earth. It was their WHOLE LIFE, they were trying to save the whole world, and yet were rejected because they were working ANOMIA!!! This IS in fact, the using of our Savior’s Name IN VAIN!!!

Do you still think that we should just relax in the “grace” that these deceivers teach??? Where do YOU want to spend eternity??? With THEM, or with the King, and Supreme Judge???

By the Law of YHVH, we MUST offer a Lamb without blemish for our sacrifice for sins, or He will NOT receive it. If we think that we can offer up just any Messiah, we are dreadfully deceived. We offer the True Lamb, the Lamb of Truth as our sacrifice, or we WILL BE rejected.

I once preached from the book of Malachi in a Baptist Church and the pastor was astounded because it was not a message encouraging tithing, but my subject was addressed to the false priests or religious leader in our assemblies. He had never heard such a message. For this reason
I implore you to read the Book of Malachi and see how clear he makes it in his condemnation of false religious leaders. He says such as . . .

” . . . saith YHVH unto you, O priests that despise my name. And ye say, Wherein have we despised thy name? Ye offer POLLUTED bread upon mine altar . . . And if you offer the blind (Lamb) for sacrifice, is it NOT EVIL? and if you offer the lame and sick, is it NOT EVIL? . . . . I have NO PLEASURE IN YOU saith YHVH, neither will I accept an offering at your hand. . . . . But CURSED BE THE DECEIVER which hath in his flock a male, and voweth, and sacrifice unto YHVH a CORRUPT thing (a blemished lamb) . . . For the priest’s lips should keep knowledge, and they should SEEK THE LAW at his mouth . . . but ye are DEPARTED out of the way as ye have caused MANY to stumble at the LAW . .”

Is it beginning to sink in? YHVH is not like man. He does NOT CHANGE, or change His mind. His plan has remained the same from the beginning, and so does the sacrifice for sins. What may seem right to us is of NO VALUE before YHVH if what we are doing IS UNLAWFUL. Offering a blemished Lamb, a COUNTERFEIT Sacrifice for our sins will not work!

Many of these people who seemingly are working energetically for Yahshua are NOT SAVED, not covered by the Blood, nor are they under grace. None of what they do is the will of YHVH, and ALL OF IT is ANOMIA, the transgressing of YHVH’s Law, and so deceived by their own unrighteousness, they do not even know what evil they work. Neither will the ones who continue to follow them. This IS the STRONG DELUSION, being preached by men of great wickedness who work under the guise of doing a great work for YHVH. They are filling the whole earth with this corrupted LAWLESS Savior, and anyone who believes them, who remains in their pleasure of unrighteousness, WILL BE DAMNED!!! Let me say it bluntly for clarity. Anyone who preaches, who believes that being lawful before YHVH is heretical, and that being lawless is of YHVH, is a DAMNED. An illegitimate child that knows not it is a bastard of the “GREAT WHORE”, and her Priests of Baal!

Our Carnal Mind SEES BACKWARDS and everyone of us has a great problem. We are ALL born with the fallen carnal mind, and that mind sees things backwards. In seeing backwards, it believes, and preaches that which is in DIRECT CONTRADICTION to the Truth!!! Yahshua, the Lamb without Blemish, is NOT LAWLESS. This discourse makes it very clear of what He thinks of those who say He is. He NEVER KNEW THEM!!! Neither then did they know Him. You might wonder, “Well, they are following someone. Who then are they following?” They are worshipping, following, and preaching a COUNTERFEIT, and that counterfeit Savior is the “LAWLESS ONE”, HaSatan himself, who is trying to steal Yahshua’s position!!!

How blatantly they violate the Laws of YHVH. The Truth is, they are taking the people into the worship of the DEVIL!!! Stop and think about it for a minute. They are causing the people to worship someone, right??? Is it the True Yahshua??? How could it be??? He does not even KNOW them, and is rejecting them. Lies, false doctrine, are the doctrines of devils, and those doctrines are causing people to commit spiritual fornication, and to “eat” (assimilate into their belief systems) things sacrificed unto IDOLS, false gods.

How ignorant we are of the works of the deceiver who is deceiving the whole earth. If he cannot stop a move of YHVH, he then joins it, and perverts it into a false way. They watch what YHVH does by His Holy Spirit, and then BRING THE COUNTERFEIT to pervert it.

This is the “Spirit of Jezebel”

This spirit counterfeits the “Gifts of the Spirit”. What she does seems so real, so good, so full of good works that seemingly help people, but they are counterfeit. She is a thief, and steals the tithe inheritance and gives it to her Priests. Then these deceivers stand and proclaim how greatly they are used, and blessed of YHVH. It is ALL an ABOMINATION!!! A “Strong Delusion” that has been sent to DAMN those who believe this lie!!!

You might take the time to read Rev. 2:18-29. Here, Yahshua gives a message to ONE OF HIS CHURCHES. If you want the Jezebel scared out of you, and scared out of Jezebel, READ IT. Yahshua is not talking to the world, to a false religion, but TO HIS ” quote” CHURCH. What He says is to be a message to ALL of the churches. Do we take Yahshua seriously, or think He is talking to someone else??? Read it, and believe it, if you have the nerve. Allowing Jezebel to rule in our midst with her counterfeiting of what YHVH does, puts us in terrible jeopardy!!!

In Rev. 22, YHVH speaks to John. One of the things which He tells Him is about the LAKE OF FIRE, and those who will be cast into it. In verse 8, He says what these people are, and ends it with . . . “and ALL LIARS shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone . . . ”

Being a liar is a dangerous thing, and being a liar in the church, a preacher of false doctrine, IS DAMNING! This message concerns The Holy Law, or Torah, and what Yahshua said to those who thought they were acting in His Name, but were wontingly committing ANOMIA, Transgressing the Holy Law of YHVH, YHVH’s torah, and had NO CONSCIENCE of the evil they were working. Why didn’t they??? Because they believed the doctrine of devils that Yahshua did away with the Law of YHVH!!!

Whom are we to Believe??? For whom we believe, we follow. Are we believing the deceivers, the liars who subtly work for the father of all lies, or Yahshua, the Name above all Names, and therefore the final authority???

In the latter days the line is being drawn. The Greek word ekklesia translated church means “called out ones” not some Christian denomination or all the denominations heaped into one category. In fact the word “church” comes from circe meaning ‘sun god.” We are to come out from satanic movements disguised as assemblies of YHVH or suffer their damnation. The day that YHVH winked at our ignorance is at an end. Listen closely to those that seem so Godly, and are trying to control your walk with Yahshua. If they are preaching Lawlessness, teaching you to do violence to the Holy Law of YHVH by casting it away, THEY ARE DECEIVERS headed for their judgment of REJECTION. They know NOT Yahshua, nor does He know them. If you are in a church, or being guided by ANY man, ask them if the Law of YHVH still stands. If they say “no”, don’t just walk away. Turn your back and RUN, for they are taking you to the same destruction they themselves are headed!!! It is time to “Come out of her my people”, and that command of Yahshua is of no little consequence.

You can reject what I say, revile me as a person, for it means little. However, when you reject what Yahshua says, you have had it!!!